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Great job! Empty Great job!

Post  Admin on Fri Mar 04, 2011 9:45 pm

Hey everyone!

Just thought that I would say a few things:

1.) I'm sorry that I haven't been on much the past three days. I have been very busy with school and such. Yesterday (Thursday) I had an Academic Bowl meet. Our team epically failed... Hopefully we get smarter! I was happy to start though Smile Haha...

2.) I'm really proud of us, on both guild and forum. If we keep this up, we will climb to the top in no time.

3.) Some things have changed within the "team" have changed. I'm still the Guild Master / Admin of the Forum. Sweety is still Head KP / Moderator on the Forums. Please treat Sweety like another Guild Master, as if they had another spot for Guild Master, she would be filling it. SmexyArcher donated 1 Bil of his own money to the guild making him a Supporter, and KellyRM has been demoted to Supporter as she isn't very active on her RingMaster account.

4.) If you have any complaints please PM myself or Sweetykins either in game or on the forums

5.) Be active in the forums! I love forums! Very Happy Hahaha

6.) If you are on and Sweetykins or I am recruiting a new member to the guild, we will give you a warning that there will be a new person in the guild and to greet them. Please do so, as when people do this, it makes them feel "at home."

Thanks for reading and your time! Smile


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