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Guild && Forum Moderator Team Empty Guild && Forum Moderator Team

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ShadowProphet - Leader, takes care of the guild. Main "come-to" guy. Highest up in the chain of command.

Head Kingpin:
Sweetykins - Second up in the chain of command. Leader's right hand woman. Ask her questions and show some respect. Oversee's team and member's activity.

KellyRM - Third up in the chain of command. In charge of recruiting members. Ask Kingpin's questions and they will most likely have answers.

People who are in charge of recruiting members and making sure they follow the rules in game. Most likely will not hold a spot on the forum team.

People who are our financial and quest item donater's.


ShadowProphet - Will update the forums and be active. Will respond as quickly as possible to any questions/concerns/suggestions you may have.

Sweetykins - Will answer questions to the best of her ability and respond as quickly as possible. Will enforce rules in all forums and bann if necessary.

Event Coordinators - Will coordinate events in game and forum events. As our guild grows we will have several coordinators for our needs.

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