Hello to Midnight Monopoly guild & Eclipse members

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Hello to Midnight Monopoly guild & Eclipse members

Post  MrBearToy on Sun Mar 06, 2011 3:23 am

Nice forum you have here Shad I wish you & your members success with this guild as well.

Where to start. It is nice to meet everyone here! Although few might know me around; I do take kindly in meeting new & old gamers.
Few things about me:

  • Computer Science: Systems Software & Hardware Engineer
  • Knows C, C#, C++, PASCAL, and PYTHON, HTML, CSS, XHTML, JAVASCRIPT. Learning PHPBB. Know PHP & Java but doesn't use it often.
  • Former respected guild leader to some members here.
  • Founder of SexyToys Gaming Branch Network & SexyToys Guild [2007-2010]
  • Branches are now found on Facebook Groups! & http://www.xfire.com/profile/mrbeartoy/ (if you use xfire/ventrilo/etc)
  • Major gamer & app-developer. Might come and visit you guys sometime Cool
  • & before anyone asks. Project Angelic Saga is still under construction. Been busy with university lately.

    PS Shad:
    As you know I have been attempting to discover how to link a forum/category to another website. Thanks to some new links provided on forumotion's page I have discovered it is:

    <a href="insert url here" target="_blank"> Branch Name/Forum Name </a>

    Insert forum/category name where it says 'Sanket' without quotations in the Forum/Category Title. Note: Everything inside the category will not be accessible unless done manually. Suggestion: Create a new category & manage old topics some other way.

    All of Repeated/unimportant Prophecy-Guild Material has been deleted, and in return I have linked that category to this site! That way more people will be able to utilize your forum better without having to resort to using solely the Gaming Branch Network. Also; I know of our msn conversion but this way Kashi & Ashley & many others can stop by & visit. Unlike most, I still haven't slept at this point so I will be pulling an all-nighter to add new stuff to the gaming branch network. Feel free to stop by & say hello.

With that said; I hope all of us can stay on the same page here & that some of us are not led to conflict. Afterall, 2 or more minds can be a powerful good thing, & less powerful if we all disvalue each other's opinions. That's all for my intro page...I think it's a bit much but I truly might see each soon!

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Re: Hello to Midnight Monopoly guild & Eclipse members

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 06, 2011 7:46 am

Hey Mr.BearToy,

Welcome to my guild forums. Thank you for taking your time posting all of this up to my Messenger and emailing it to me. It was very helpful, although I will need some more information about it. - - - Thank you very much, and I am going to make an announcement about you, after I get the information I need.

Thank you Smile


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Re: Hello to Midnight Monopoly guild & Eclipse members

Post  Sweetykins on Tue Mar 08, 2011 8:08 am

Hello!!! Nice to meet u too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very Happy

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Re: Hello to Midnight Monopoly guild & Eclipse members

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